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MA60053 - Computational Linear Algebra

Topics covered

Week Contents
Week 1 Course overview.
Week 2 Review: Diagonalizability of matrices, spectral theorem symmetric matrices, positive square root of positive semidefinite matrices, basics of norms.
Week 3 Matrix norms, induced norms, matrix p-norms, properties of norms, condition number.
Week 4 Sensitivity analysis for linear systems, Scaling and condition number.
Week 5 Back substitution, Gaussinan elimination, LU decomposition, pivoting
Week 6 Cholesky decomposition, Plane rotator(Givens rotator), , QR decomposition(Proof using rotators)
Week 7 Reflector(Householder transformation), QR decomposition(Proofs using reflectors), Least squares problems.
Mid semester 17.02.2020 to 25.02.2020


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