Research Interests




IIT-KGP Visual Saliency Data Set
Matlab Codes for Color Enhancement by Scaling (CES)
Matlab Codes for YUV Demosaicing in the block DCT space
Lecture Notes of Algorithms in Bio-Informatics
C++ codes for Fractal Compression and Decompression of Images and Videos
Image inpainting via guided patch mixing
Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction
StaVer Anveshak Groundtruth
Anveshak Codes
Margin Noise Removal Dataset
Margin Noise Evaluation
Scanned Pseudo Official Dataset (SPODS) and Scanned Document Degradation Tool (SDDT)

MATLAB codes for Local Rank Transform (LRT)

Indian Heritage Image Retrieval Dataset (IHIRD)

Graphical foot print based phylogenetic tree

Tool for measuring deformity index in phylogenetic tree

BIOINTMED: Integrated Dataset

GRAFree2: A numerical representation technique of nucleotide sequence

DeePhy: A Deep Learning Model to Reconstruct Phylogenetic Tree from Unaligned Nucleotide Sequences