Color Enhancement in Compressed Domain


The contains the MATLAB code implementation of different color enhancement techniques in the compressed domain.  The details regarding short names of various techniques and explanation of different parameters are provided in the following papers.


[1] J. Mukherjee and S.K. Mitra (2008)
Enhancement of Color Images by Scaling the DCT coefficients
IEEE trans. on Image Processing, vol. 17, no. 10, Oct., pp. 1783-1794.  


[2] J. Mukhopadhyay and S.K. Mitra (2008):
    Color Enhancement in the Compressed Domain
     Int. Conf. on Image Proc. (ICIP-2008), San Diego, USA, Oct. 12 -15, pp. 3144-3147 .  


The main Matlab file invoking all other functions is “color_enhancement_main.m”. Some test images from the site are also included in the directory. By suitably editing some of the variables in color_enhancement_main.m, one may run different enhancement algorithms for different Images. Processed images are displayed and optionally saved in a folder named “result” under the working directory.   Significance of different variables are given below:  



Name of Variables



Stores first part of image name (extensions are handled with ‘imread’ function).


Number of iterations for applying Enhancement operation


Set of methods to be applied during execution.


File saving options: 0 (no), 1(yes).



Apart from “jpeg_quality_score.m”, all other functions are implemented by me. However, for the sake of completeness this function is also included in the directory

as it is in the form, downloaded from the website:


These codes are provided in this web-site with the hope that they would be useful for the researchers working in the area of compressed domain processing. They may be freely used and modified for research and academic purposes with appropriate referencing and acknowledgment.