QIP Short Term Course On
Advanced Structural Analysis
09 - 13 October 2006

Indian Institute of Technology , Kharagpur

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It is my great pleasure to welcome you for the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) Short Term Course on "Advanced Structural Analysis". Objective of this course is to provide an opportunity for knowledge sharing to the teaching staff of the AICTE recognized Institutions and enthusiastic researchers, scientists, and engineers. Structural Analysis has achieved  great heights with the advent of new mathematical tools. These tools have helped engineers and designers in creating reliable and cost effective designs. The success of these analytical and numerical tools are largely dependent on the skills of the analysts. It has been found that engineers are very comfortable with basic analysis such as linear static, vibration, buckling of simple and ideal structures. However, real life problems are complex, includes non-linearity, multi-physics and multi-functional analysis. Therefore, the structural analysts are required to constant upgrade theirs technical skills and knowledge for successful implementing advanced analysis for their structural design. The analysts need to understand the details of the physical system and prepare mathematical model using sophisticated methods to develop cost effective and reliable design. This short term course  will focus on the application of such advanced structural analysis for design, development and validation of structural components. The course will include interesting case studies of real life problems. Various structural problems, their definition, various possible methods and their advantages and disadvantages will  be discussed in the case studies. The participants would get to know the latest trends and thrust areas of recent research activities in the area of Structural Analysis. Selected problems from the participants will also be addressed.


Following topics will be covered:


Advanced Composite materials,

Finite Element Method,

Functionally Graded Material,

Fracture and Damage Mechanics,

Randomness of Material Properties,

Control of Smart Structures,

Magneto-Rheology Devices,

Aero-elasticity  and

Design optimization


I  look forward to you participation and support in this short term course.


Dr. S.C. Pradhan

Principal Coordinator

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology

Kharagpur, Kharagpur - 721 302


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