AICTE QIP short term course on
"Linear Algebra and Differential Equations"
24 - 28 August , 2018.

Lecture notes

Linear Algebra (Dr M Rajesh Kannan)

Linear Algebra (Dr Swanand Khare)

Matlab code for IVP and BVP (Prof P V S N Murthy)

System of linear differential equations (Prof V Raghavendra). One semester course notes for ODE can be accessed here. Thanks to Prof V Raghavendra for sharing this.

Slides 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Prof G P Raja Sekhar)

Lab files can be accessed from here.

Time table

AIM: The objective of this short term course is to introduce the participants to the basic theory, computation and applications of Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. The course covers some theoretical aspects like spectral theorem, singular value decomposition, boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations and conservation laws. A variety of numerical techniques related to the theory will be discussed. Also, this gives a scope to have some hands on experience on computations using MATLAB.

MAIN TOPICS: Jordan form, Spectral theorem, Schur triangularization theorem, QR decomposition, Singular value decomposition, Iterative methods for solving linear system of equations, boundary value problems for differential equation, finite difference method, Cauchy problem, Introduction to conservation laws, implicit schemes for parabolic and hyperbolic partial differential equations, finite element method for PDE's. Hands on laboratory using MATLAB.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Participants of the program are faculty members, students, working professionals from different institutions, research & development organizations and industries.The course is FREE for participants from AICTE institutions, whereas there is a course fee for other participants. However, priority will be given to faculty members of AICTE institutions.


COORDINATORS: Prof. T. Raja Sekhar, Prof. M. Rajesh Kannan and Prof. G. P. Raja Sekhar.

INSTRUCTIONS: All participants from AICTE Institutions must submit the certificate from the institute authority indicating that the institute is a AICTE institute. As there are only a few seats available, early-bird registrants will be given preference. However, there will be a rigorous selection procedure for the course. All participants (excluding AICTE institutions) will be responsible for all the expenses, including accommodation, travel, and food. However, on the immediate request from the participants, accommodation may be arranged (on self-payment-basis in some hostels/guestrooms) inside the IIT campus. On successful completion of the course, certificate of participation will be issued to all the candidates by the Continuing Education Office, IIT Kharagpur, on the recommendation from the Coordinator. Attendance of each of the candidates will be taken regularly. All the selected participants must bring the original identity card. Please note that, the last date of registration is 20 June 2018.