HydroClimatic Conceptual Streamflow (HCCS) v2.0

HydroClimatic Conceptual Streamflow (HCCS) is a conceptual streamflow model which takes into account the climate inputs and time-varying characteristics of basin. This model can be used for modeling streamflow under changing climate. The HCCS model was proposed by Bhagwat and Maity, (2014; Version-1.0), and improved by Suman and Maity, (2019; Version-2.0).

Please note the software are being provided for educational and research purpose only. For other purposes, prior written permission is needed. (Full License text)


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Operation of HCCS model is simple and self-explanatory. However, detailed ‘Help File’ is coming soon.


Bhagwat, P.P. and Maity, R., 2014. Development of HydroClimatic Conceptual Streamflow (HCCS) model for tropical river basin. Journal of Water and Climate Change, 5(1), pp.36-60. Article Link, pdf file.

Suman, M. and Maity, R., 2019. Assessment of Streamflow Variability with Upgraded HydroClimatic Conceptual Streamflow Model. Water Resources Management, pp.1-16. Article Link, pdf file.