Baidurya Bhattacharya



Dept. of Civil Engineering

IIT Kharagpur






M V D Prasad, Ph.D., 2016. Currently at IIT Kharagpur.

Thesis: Phonon scattering dynamics of sliding motion in carbon nanotube oscillators. Abstract.


Puneet Patra, Ph.D., 2016. Currently at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA.

Thesis: Identifying temperature and related statistics of non-equilibrium steady states. Abstract.


Subhamoy Sen, Ph.D., 2016. . Currently at  INRIA, Rennes, France.

Thesis: Control theory application in structural health monitoring. Abstract.


Ambarish Paul, Ph.D., 2015. (Co-advised). Currently at University of Glasgow, UK.

Thesis: Solution processed and micro-pattrened DNA functionalized carbon nanotube network as chemical sensors. Abstract.


Suhas Vhanmane, Ph.D. 2011 Currently at the Indian Register of Shipping, Mumbai.

Thesis: A Probabilistic Analysis of Ultimate Strength of Ship Structures under Random Initial Imperfections and Corrosion Loss. Abstract.


Qiang Lu, Ph.D., 2005

Thesis: Influence of Random Defects on the Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes through Atomistic Simulation. Abstract.


Degang Li, Ph.D. 2004 Currently at Greenhorne & O’Mara, Laurel, MD

Thesis: Bridge Application of Load & Resistance Factor Rating using Site Specific Data. Abstract.


Masters (selected)


Pratik Tagwale, B. Tech. 2015, M. Tech. 2016. Currently at Axis Bank, Mumbai.

Thesis: Reliability Analysis of Welds in Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Vessels. Abstract.


Anirban Chandra, B. Tech. 2015, M. Tech. 2016. Currently at RPI, Troy, NY.

Thesis: Mechanical properties of nanotubes and CNT/epoxy composites using molecular dynamics. Abstract.


Debarshi Sen, B. Tech. 2011, M. Tech., 2013. Currently at Rice University, Houston, TX

BTech thesis: Application of Subset Simulation in Estimating Reliability of Stochastic Dynamical Systems. Abstract.

MTech thesis: Moment Evolution Equations for Stochastic Dynamic Systems with non-Markovian Response. Abstract.


Aritra Chatterjee, B. Tech. 2011, M. Tech., 2012.  Currently at Viriginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

BTech thesis: Partial Safety Factor Based Design of IC Shells of Indian NPPs. Abstract.

MTech thesis: Performance Based Seismic Design and Risk Analysis. Abstract.


Mainak Bhattacharya, M. Tech., 2011. Currently at Airbus Industries, Bangalore.

Thesis: Seismic Reliability of 2D Steel Moment Frames and Indian Nuclear Power Plant Inner Containment Shell Structure. Abstract.


G. R. Dinesh Kumar, M.Tech. 2009 (co-advised)

Thesis: Molecular Dynamics, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms Study of Iron-Zinc System. Abstract.


Sreevathsan R., M.Tech., 2008 (co-advised).


Michelle Bensi, M.S. 2006. Currently at NRC, Washington, DC.

Thesis: Generalized Assessment of Bridge Vulnerability to Terrorist Threats: A Probabilistic Structural Analysis Based Approach. Abstract.


Mark Guzda, M.S. 2006.

Thesis: Development of Site Specific Fatigue Truck Weights and Truck Volumes.


Jinquan Zhong, M.S. 2005

Thesis: System Reliability Based Design of Steel Girder Bridges using Incremental Loading Method. Abstract.


Jason Hastings, M.S. 2001 (co-advised)

Thesis: Bridge Rating Using In-Service Data. Abstract.


Undergraduate (selected)


Robi Pramanik, BTech, 2016.

Thesis: Topological optimization of truss structures using genetic algorithms. Abstract.


K.S. Nishanth. B. Tech., 2014.

Thesis: Study of diameter and chirality dependence of thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes using Green Kubo relations. Abstract.


Bikash Kanungo, B. Tech., 2013. Currently at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Thesis: Interfacial and Mechanical Studies on Amine Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in Epoxy Composite Through Ab-Initio and Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Abstract.


S. Sriram, B. Tech., 2013. Currently at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

Thesis: Extremes of Non-Stationary Load Sequences.


Girish Sharma, B. Tech., 2012.

Thesis: Non linear dynamic analysis of 2D steel frames on GPU using CUDA.


K. Sreekar, B. Tech. 2012. Currently at University of Missouri-Rolla, MO.

Thesis: A Molecular Mechanics Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Functionalized Carbon Nano-Tubes Embedded in an Epoxy Matrix.


Gunjan Agrawal, B. Tech. 2010. Currently at JP Morgan Chase, London.

Thesis: Reliability Assessment of Indian Nuclear Power Plant Inner Containment Structures. Abstract.


Abhishek Agarwala, B. Tech. 2010. Currently at Archayne Labs, Gurgaon.

Project: Simulation of nanoindentation on a parallel cluster.


Anirban Pal, B. Tech. 2010. Currently at RPI, Troy, NY.

Thesis: Developing a Computational Atomistic Model of Nano-Indentation of Thin Films on a Parallel Architecture. Abstract.


Puneet Patra, B.Tech. 2009. Currently at Virginia Tech.

Thesis: Incremental Dynamic Analysis Based Seismic Assessment of Steel Frames. Abstract.


Arunima Singh, B.Tech. 2009 (co-advised). Currently at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Thesis: Study of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel using Molecular Dynamics


Andrew Seifried, B. S. 2004. Currently at Stanford University, CA.

Project: Cracking of overhead signs.



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