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MA51121/MA60041/MA61003 - Graph Theory and Algorithms

Topics covered

Lectures Contents
Lecture 1 and 2 Course introduction, Baisc definitions and examples.
Lecture 3 Incidence and adjacency matrices of graphs, First theorem of Graph theory,
Lecture 4 degree sequence, complement of a graph.
Lecture 5 and 6 2-switches and Havel Hakimi theorem.
Lecture 7 and 8 Isomorphism, Automorphism groups, Directed graphs
Lecture 9 Subgraphs, maximality and minimality.
Lecture 10 Spanning subgraphs, Decompositions, Veblen's theorem
Lecture 11 and 12 Graham and Pollak's theorem, Edge cuts
Lecture 13 Edge cuts and Bonds
Lecture 14
Lecture 15
Lecture 16
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