Computer Systems Lab: Assignment 2

Student Database

In this assignment we will use database for MTech grading systems of CSE department. First step is to create the database with the following information.

Develop an (graphical) user interface to perform the following: Along with this information, the following constraints/assumptions are to be taken care of. Some of these constraints can be coded as referential integrity constraints, while others can be checked using consistency checks. You are required to do the following:
  1. Update the database with sample text file. (Use comma separated format like csv)
  2. List all the students
  3. List all the subjects
  4. List the subject in order of the number of student registered
  5. List the grades of a particular student
  6. List the grades of students in a particular subject
  7. Find the name of the student with highest cgpa
  8. List top k students on the basis of cgpa
  9. List top k students on the basis of gpa on the selected subjects
  10. Find the name of the student who scored highest gpa in the lab
Download sample test case from here.