HP Competition on Automated Mosaicing of Torn Paper Documents

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Congratulations Encouragement Award Winners!!

Mr. Santosh Kumar Adarkatti and Mr. Shreyamsha Kumar B. K
Research Staff
Central Research Laboratory

(R&D Unit of Bharat Electronics)

The winners get an award of Rs. 10,000/- and free registration and AC-III train fare to ICVGIP venue at Bhubaneswar.


The goal is to seamlessly stitch randomly torn paper documents in an automated fashion. The state of the art can
handle up to 50 torn pieces. The challenge is to come up with an innovative algorithm that could potentially handle more pieces, or implement existing algorithms in a faster way. The training dataset would be provided, and the test dataset would be used to compare entries. The training dataset would contain the original document as well as the torn pieces.

The method has innumerable applications in the fields of information forensics, heritage preservation etc.

If you intend to enter then please register. Registration information, details of data etc are provided below.

Important Dates


Sample Image Set 1: Torn pieces, Original document
Sample Image Set 2: Torn pieces, Original document


Here are two papers which describe two exisiting approaches to the problem.

1. A. Biswas, P. Bhowmick, and B. B. Bhattacharya, Reconstruction of Torn Documents Using Contour Maps, In Proc. ICIP 2005, III:517-520.

2. L Zhu, Z Zhou and D Hu, Globally Consistent Reconstruction of Ripped-Up Documents, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Volume 30 ,  Issue 1  (January 2008)

Competition Registration


Note that you may register for and enter the competition even if you do not plan to attend ICVGIP 2008

Once you've registered, we can then inform you of any updates.

Please send an email to  <iamrajarshi@gmail.com>  with the following information by July 15, 2008. The subject of email should be ICVGIP HP Competition. You will be provided a login and password once you register.

1. Name(s)

2. email (only one)
3. Affiliation
4. Designation

Submitting Your Entry

1. Only registered teams are allowed to submit their entries.
2. Submission should include the following:
    i. Code and executable of the algorithm in prescribed platform and language.
    ii. A description of the algorithm in pdf or word or text format.
    iii. Registration fee of Rs. 250/-
    iv. A declaration form.

Prescribed Languages for Code Submission:
Language: C/Java/Matlab

Registration fee should be payed as Bank Draft in favor of - ICVGIP 2008 payable at Kharagpur

The draft should be mailed to:

Prof. P K Biswas
Organizing Chair ICVGIP 2008
Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.
IIT Kharagpur 721302

Along with the draft the particpants should mail a signed version of the following declaration.

"We hereby certify that the code submitted by us for the HP Competition at ICVGIP 2008 has not been plagiarised from any sources. We also grant judges the authority to examine  the code for benefiting the judgement of winners."

Signature of all Members of Team


Winners will be decided based on accuracy, efficiency and novelty. Decision of the judges is final.


Winners: Rs. 15,000.00
Runners: Rs. 10,000.00
Third Place : Rs. 5000.00

Winners, runners and third place holders will be provided to and from 2nd class train fare to ICVGIP 2008 conference at Bhubaneswar. One member per team will be provided free registration at ICVGIP 2008.