CS 60035 Information Retrieval

(Autumn Semester 2011)

Niloy Ganguly (NG) niloy@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in

Teaching Assistant
Maunendra Sankar DeSarkar
Abhijnan Chakraborty
Rishiraj Saharoy
Ishani Chakraborty


Class Room/Hours

Slot E
Units : 3-0-0
Credits : 3
Contact : Room #313 (CSE), Phone 83460


A list of useful books and materials is given below.

Introduction to Information Retrieval Manning, Raghavan and Schutze, Cambridge University Press, draft.
Modern Information Retrieval Baeza-Yates and Ribeiro-Neto, Addison Wesley, 1999.
A comprehensive survey by Ed Greengrass
Mining the Web, Soumen Charabarti, Morgan-Kaufmann, 2002.


Scribes (Initial)

Evaluation (Tentative)

Mid-sem: 25
Class Test: 10, Assignment and Attendance: 15 
End-sem : 50

Lectures (Slides)