iMediX, is a multi-tier secure telemedicine system developed at the Telemedicine Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur to deliver eHealthcare over the Internet. eBaithak is a web based video-conferencing system which allows doctors from different hospitals undertake tele-consultations with the minimal requirement of a webcam and internet connection. iMediX is developed on Java platform over Linux OS.






Newborn Care and Monitoring System (Navajatak)

Babies with age less than 28 days are considered as neonates. Newborns, at the time of birth, require extreme care and attention for survival. In fact, lack of proper treatment, may cause death of the newborn and sometimes even the mother may also be in danger. In India, Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is 47.57 deaths/1000 live births [1]. In view of this, a system to incorporate the newborn patient management model is required to be implemented. Telemedicine Lab in IIT Kharagpur, jointly with the Department of Neonatology, SSKM Hospital, Kolkata, have developed a workflow for neo-natal care services and subsequent follow up examinations. The neo-natal services require extensive e-Healthcare support that should efficiently manage medical information of the baby and the mother over a considerable period to provide follow up services. In addition, it must implement the workflow being practiced by the physicians.

Although some imported packages such as NeoData NICU Patient Data System [2] by MetaSoft Systems, Inc. etc. are available, these are often very expensive and are not tuned to Indian socio-economic conditions. The system developed by IIT and SSKM for newborn care, also termed as "Navajatak", aims to fulfill the requirement imposed by Indian socio-economic standards. Such system, when used in a Government Hospital having specialized NICU facility, will be able to provide considerable benefit to a large number of patients on a daily basis.





Video conferencing software, eBaithak, has  been developed in house to allow doctors from different hospitals undertake tele-consultations with the minimal requirement of a webcam and internet connection. This tool can be accessed through flash enabled standard web browsers. eBaithak is an independent module which can be integrated with iMediX


SMARAK, is a multi-tier secure specialized information community for users with common interest in heritage images, developed at Telemedicine laboratory, IIT Kharagpur. This website features user interaction based knowledge sharing and archival of heritage images with the facility of three types of searching namely attribute based, nlp based and context based searching.SMARAK is developed in JAVA platform in Linux OS.






VIMARSHAK is a subjective evaluation system to assess the image processing algorithms, based on the visual perception of the algorithm output images by human evaluators. Irrespective of any objective measures of evaluation, it solely considers the human assessment of images for evaluation through pairwise comparisons of images. The evaluation votes are enumerated to capture the preference of ratings, and the algorithms are ranked accordingly.