PhD Students Supervised / Under Supervision

  1. Uttam Kumar Bhattacharya, 1994. Thesis title: Fault diagnosis and simulation of LSI/VLSI circuits.
  2. Gosta Pada Biswas, 1997. Thesis title: On fault diagnosis and cellular realization of some error detecting/correcting codes.
  3. Gautam Bandyopadhyay, 1998. Thesis title: Piece-wise loadflow and state estimation of power systems in distributed computing environment. (Co-supervisor: Prof. T.N. Saha)
  4. Prabir Dasgupta, 2000. Thesis title: Some studies on additive cellular automata and their applications.
  5. Parag Arun Kulkarni, 2002. Thesis title: Strategies for dynamic load balancing on network of workstations.
  6. Hemant Kumar Pati, 2004. Thesis title: Reservation and admission control for QoS provisioning in mobile networks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Rajib Mall)
  7. Raja Dutta, 2004. Thesis title: Static and dynamic provisioning of lightpaths in WDM optical networks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Sujoy Ghose)
  8. Ashok Kumar Das, 2008. Thesis title: Design and analysis of key distribution mechanisms in wireless sensor networks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Abhijit Das)
  9. Mounita Saha, 2010. Thesis topic: Design and analysis of authenticated key establishment protocols. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury)
  10. Vivekananda Bhat, 2010. Thesis topic: Digital watermarking of audio signals using quantization. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Abhijit Das)
  11. Tanmay De, 2010. Thesis topic: Some studies on traffic grooming, routing and wavelength assignment in WDM mesh networks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Ajit Pal)
  12. Pushpita Chatterjee, 2012. Thesis topic: Trust modeling in mobile ad hoc networks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Soumya K. Ghosh)
  13. Subhadip Kundu, 2014. Thesis topic: Diagnosis techniques for identifying faults in digital VLSI circuits. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Santanu Chattopadhyay)
  14. Atanu Basu , 2014. Thesis topic: Some topics in secure key management protocols and related issues. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Jamuna K. Sing, Jadavpur University)
  15. Kamalika Datta, 2014. Thesis topic: Synthesis and optimization of reversible logic circuits. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Hafizur Rahaman, IIEST Shibpur)
  16. Bodhisatwa Mazumdar, 2015. Thesis topic: Design and analysis of cryptographic Boolean functions with improved side-channel resistance. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Debdeep Mukhopadhyay)
  17. Bibhas Ghoshal, 2014. Thesis topic: Improved test techniques for NoC based memory systems.
  18. Subhashis Dhal, 2016. Thesis topic: Object identification in RFID technology.
  19. Kanchan Manna, 2016. Thesis topic: Thermal-aware design and test techniques for two- and three-dimensional networks-on-chip. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Santanu Chattopadhyay)
  20. Ayantika Chatterjee, 2017. Thesis topic: Sorting in fully homomorphic encrypted domain and its acceleration processes.
  21. Pravanjan Samanta (ongoing). Thesis topic: Synthesis of threshold functions using memristors.
  22. F. Lalchhandama (ongoing). Thesis topic: Scalable synthesis of logic functions using memristor crossbar array.
  23. Susovan Chanda (ongoing). Thesis topic: Security protocols for IoT systems.
  24. Abhoy Kole (ongoing). Thesis topic: Fault tolerant and architecture aware quantum computing.


MS Students Supervised / Under Supervision

  1. S. Satish Mahadevan, 2003. Thesis title: Website authentication: integrating zero-knowledge proof and probabilistic algorithm. (Co-supervisor: Prof. P.K.J. Mohapatra)
  2. Mounita Saha, 2006. Thesis topic: Some topics on topology design in networks.
  3. Anirban Duttagupta, 2006. Thesis topic: Geometrical problems in sensor networks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Arijit Bishnu)
  4. Atanu Basu, 2007. Thesis topic: Performance analysis of distance vector routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks.
  5. Barun Bikas Paul, 2008. Thesis topic: Optimization of scan based testing under time and power constraints.
  6. Monjur Alam, 2009. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of reconfigurable AES resistant to side-channel attacks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury)
  7. Santosh Ghosh, 2009. Thesis topic: Design of an elliptic curve accelerator resistant to side-channel attacks. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury)
  8. Dhiman Saha, 2009. Thesis topic: Enhanced differential power attacks on FPGA implementations of standard block ciphers. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury)
  9. Kamalika Datta, 2010. Thesis topic: Audio watermarking techniques using discrete wavelet transformation.
  10. Mayur Bubna, 2010. Thesis topic: Some problems on the testing of reversible circuits.
  11. Kanchan Manna, 2011. Thesis topic: Network on chip design and testing. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Santanu Chattopadhyay)
  12. Ayantika Chatterjee, 2011. Thesis topic: Efficient implementations of cryptographic algorithms on FPGAs.
  13. Anupam Bhar, (submitted, 2014). Thesis topic: Diagnostic test generation for VLSI circuits. (Co-supervisor: Prof. Santanu Chattopadhyay)


M.Tech. Students Supervised (partial list)

  1. Nimish Thakkar, 2001. Thesis topic: Test access mechanism for system on chip.
  2. Sqn Ldr Raji K. David, 2002. Thesis topic: An encryption scheme for Indian air force.
  3. Koushik Ghosh, 2004. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of network dumping support for LKCD.
  4. Neha Jha, 2004. Thesis topic: Vulnerability in the WEP protocol.
  5. Debasri Sarkar, 2005. Thesis topic: Implementation of power analysis attacks in elliptic curve cryptosystems
  6. Juri Dakua, 2005. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of power analysis attack resistant elliptic curve cryptosystem.
  7. Dipti Ranjan Senapati, 2005. Thesis topic: An automated approach to analog and mixed signal testing.
  8. Priyankar Ghosh, 2006. Thesis topic: Some issues in test generation and power minimization in scan based designs.
  9. Arpita Shah, 2008. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of a secure operating system kernel.
  10. Shard Gupta, 2008. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of a firewall system.
  11. Kashish Shukla, 2008. Thesis topic: Study of graph algorithms for physical design automation.
  12. Wg Cdr Rajesh Kumar Pal, 2008. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of a secure file system.
  13. Nakul Gupta, 2010. Thesis topic: Secure packet communication on LAN.
  14. M. Jagan Mohan, 2010. Thesis topic: Hardware implementation of AES cryptosystem on FPGA.
  15. Naresh Shenoy, 2010. Thesis topic: Data de-duplication.
  16. Ruchira Naskar, 2010. Thesis topic: Hierarchical secret sharing and proactive renewal of shares.
  17. Rohit Vijaywergia, 2010. Thesis topic: Secure communication system over mobile phones.
  18. Maj Vivek Sharma, 2010. Thesis topic: Hierarchical hybrid topology on network-on-chip.
  19. Gaurav Mehta, 2011. Thesis topic: Design of RFID authentication protocols.
  20. Alok Kumar Yadav, 2011. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of a flexible network layer security.
  21. Major Vineet Madan, 2011. Thesis topic: Kernel layer framework for private communication over public network.
  22. Major Nishant Rathee, 2011. Thesis topic: Peer to peer virtual private networks for LANs.
  23. Manish Pilania, 2012. Thesis topic: Design and implementation of user impersonation in Linux.
  24. Ajay Kant Singh, 2012. Thesis topic: Security issues in RFID.
  25. Major Vikas Lamba, 2012. Thesis topic: Secure data transfer using USB device.
  26. Vighnesh Avadhani, 2012. Thesis topic: Preventing selective forwarding attacks in WSNs.
  27. Aniket Jha, 2012. Thesis topic: Multiple fault diagnosis based on multiple fault simulation for transition fault model.
  28. Shrikant Kumar, 2012. Thesis topic: Network health monitoring: measuring and early detection of DDoS attack.
  29. Alhaad Gokhale, 2013. Thesis topic: Synthesis of reversible logic circuits for reducing quantum cost.
  30. Bidisha Samanta, 2013. Thesis topic: Building an integrated architecture of TCP/IP with 6LoWPAN and security model for DoS.
  31. Gunajit Kalita, 2013. Thesis topic: Reversible logic synthesis.
  32. Kalpataru Mallick, 2013. Thesis topic: FPGA based implementation of a secure communication scheme over an insecure channel.
  33. Abhishek Agrawal, 2013. Thesis topic: Piranha: a user model scheduling tool and load balancing in Linux kernel.
  34. Varun Pandey, 2013. Thesis topic: Cache invalidation aware scheduling.
  35. Md. Samiuddin, 2014. Thesis topic: Developing CAD tools for digital microfluidic biochips.
  36. Dhawal Gadiya, 2014. Thesis topic: Power aware schedule for memory testing in network-on-chip.
  37. Jayita Jana, 2014. Thesis topic: Implementation of a CAD tool for grid and channel routing.
  38. Susovan Chanda, 2014. Thesis topic: Efficient implementation of public key infrastructure for private use.
  39. Animesh Kar, 2014. Thesis topic: An efficient implementation of digital signature.
  40. Abhoy Kole, 2015. Thesis topic: Nearest neighbor realization of quantum circuits.
  41. Paturi Varun Chowdhary, 2017. Thesis topic: Logic design with memristors.
  42. Vivek Kumar Verma, 2018. Thesis topic: Synthesis of Boolean functions using memristor crossbar.
  43. Naveen Murali G, 2019. Thesis topic: Synthesis of Boolean functions on 3D memristor crossbar.
  44. D. Yaswanth Krishna Yadav, 2019. Thesis topic: Synthesis of Boolean functions using memristor based threshold gates.
  45. P. Satya Vardhan, 2019. Thesis topic: Mapping arithmetic functions to memristor crossbar arrays.







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