Baidurya Bhattacharya

Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Invited Talks (selected)



1)         “A family of deterministic temperature control algorithms based on higher order temperatures,”

Recent Advances in Computational Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Calcutta, December 2016


2)         “Probability based Safety Assessment of Infrastructure Systems: Design, Maintenance and Safety Targets,”

ISWT on Probabilistic Safety Assessment, IIT Kharagpur, December 2015


3)         “Phonon scattering dynamics of friction and thermophoretic motion in carbon nanotube oscillators,”

Mathematics, mechanics and physics for tomorrow's materials, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, October 2015


4)         “Probability based design philosophy,”

Train 10 Thousand Teachers, National Mission on Education through ICT, IIT Kharagpur, September 2015


5)         “Calibration of probability based design codes,”

Train 10 Thousand Teachers, National Mission on Education through ICT, IIT Kharagpur, September 2015


6)         “Probability based design and assessment of  civil infrastructure systems,”  

Structural Engineering Research Centre-CSIR, Chennai, August 2015


7)           “Molecular dynamics simulation of thermal transport in carbon nanotubes,”

Annual Technical Meeting of NMD-ATM, College of Engineering Pune, Pune, Nov. 2014


8)           “Temperature control in molecular dynamic simulations,”

Pravartana, IIT Kanpur, July 2014


9)           “Treatment of uncertainty in structural engineering problems,”

SERB-DST Brain Storming Workshop on Research in Structural  Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, January 2014.


10)       “Risk and reliability issues in infrastructure management,”

Indo Canadian Workshop on Sustainable Infrastructure  Management Practices, New Delhi, February 2014


11)       “Mechanical Properties of CNTs and CNT Nanocomposites Through Ab Initio and Atomistic Simulations”

Dept of Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, October 2012


12)       “Strength and reliability assessment of structural components and systems,”

Boeing R&D Center, Bangalore, May 2012.


13)       “Reliability assessment of structural components and systems”

Symposium on Fatigue Fracture and Integrity Assessment, National Metallurgical Laboratory -Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, May 2012.


14)       “Mechanical properties of CNTs and CNT epoxy interfaces through simulation studies”

Center for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune, April 2012.


15)       “Challenges in disaster mitigation of large infrastructure by engineering design”

2012 Indo-American Frontiers of Engineering Symposium National Academy of Engineering, Washington, DC, March 2012


16)       “Molecular dynamics simulation of fracture of carbon nanotubes”

Emerging Trends in Carbon nanotubes,  Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, November 2011


17)       “Extreme  Value  Statistics  for  the  Very  Small  and  the Rather  Large  in  Engineering  Problems”

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, July 2011


18)       “Atomistic Simulations of Fracture”

Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, February 2011


19)       “Atomistic Modeling of Fracture”

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 2011.


20)       “Infrastructure Systems Reliability Involving non-Structural Components”

IUSSTF-NSF Indo-US Workshop on Innovative Materials & Structural Systems for Resilient & Sustainable Built Infrastructure, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, December 2009


21)       “Probability theory and Bayesian inference,”

A short term course on logic and applications of logic, IIT Kharagpur, December 2009


22)      “Probability concepts,”

Statistics & Pattern Recognition for Automated Diagnostics, IIT Kharagpur, October 2009


23)       “Introduction to Partial Safety Factor in Engg. Design”

5th Indo-German Theme Meeting on `Structural Integrity of Pressure Retaining Components', BARC and Jadavpur University, February, 2009


24)       “Molecular dynamics simulation of fracture: a look at carbon nanotubes”

Indo US workshop on Materials Design: Measurement Modeling and Informatics,  Bengal Engineering and Science University, January 2009.


25)       “Molecular dyanmics simulation of solids: a case study on carbon nanotubes,” 

AICTE/MHRD sponsored winter school on Nanoparticle-Science and Technoloy, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, Jan 2009


26)       “Bending Behaviour of Carbon Nanotubes”

Plenary Lecture, International Conference on Materials Discovery, University of Tlemcen, Oran, Algeria October, 2008.


27)       “Reliability based bridge design and rating”

Civil Engineering Training Center, South Eastern Railways, Kharagpur, March 2008


28)       “Fracture and Fracture resistance of carbon nanotubes”

Workshop on Mechanical Behaviour of Systems at Small Length Scales -2, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, February 2007.


29)      “Monte Carlo Simulations in Engineering,” Soft Computing Tools in Civil Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, November 2006


30)       “Tensile properties and fracture resistance of single-walled carbon nanotubes through atomistic simulation”

Defence Materials Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, May 2006


31)       “Analysis of Randomness in Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes through Atomistic Simulation”

Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, May 2006


32)       “Tensile properties and fracture resistance of single walled carbon nanotubes through atomistic simulation”

Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, May 2006


33)       “Reliability of Redundant Ductile Structures with Uncertain System Failure Criteria”

Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India, March 2006.


34)       “Application of extreme value theory in civil engineering”

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 2005


35)       “Application of extreme value theory in engineering”

Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India, January 2005


36)       “Issues in structural systems reliability”

Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India, January 2005


37)       “Extremal processes in probabilistic solid mechanics”

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, January 2005


38)       “Atomistic Simulations of Fracture : A Review”

39)       Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, January 2003


40)       “Reliability-Based Design: How to Use a Deterministic Finite Element Code in a Probabilistic World”

American Bureau of Shipping, Houston, TX, November 2002.


41)       “FORM Inverse FORM and Code Calibration”

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai, India, August 2002.


42)       “Selecting Target Reliabilities in Probability-Based Design”

Bhaba Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India, August 2002.


43)       “Extreme Value Theory in Civil Engineering”

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, August 2002


44)       “The role of random nanoscale fluctuations in material damage growth and failure”

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, July 2002.


45)       “Issues in Probability-based Design”

Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, India, August 2001.


46)       “Stochastic CDM and Random Structural Damage Growth”

Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY,  March 2000.


47)       “Developing Target Reliability for Novel Structures: The Case of the Mobile Offshore Base”

Rice University, Houston, TX, February 2000.


48)       “Stochastic CDM and Random Fatigue Crack Initiation”

Stanford University, Stanford, CA, January 1999


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