Multiscale Computational Fluid Dynamics (mCFD) Laboratory provides opportunity to carry out fundamental computational research and proof-of-concept experimental investigations for a range of applications in multiphase and complex system/flow problems. Group members at mCFD lab are encouraged to pursue interdisciplinary research. The details of the mCFD Lab members and opportunities for the prospective students are regularly updated in this webpage.

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Facilities and Funding

mCFD Lab is equipped with adequate computational facilities that are regularly upgraded to meet ever demanding computationally intensive research on multiscale modelling of multiphase and complex flow/system problems. Experimental research infrastructures are also procured on a regular basis through Institute and Sponsored research funding.

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  • Chiranjeevi Kanike, Sourish Singha, Bidisha Borah, and Amlan Ashish joined the group as Research Scholars [Autumn 2020].
  • Soumendu's latest article appeared in Chem. Eng. Process. Process Intensif. [Sep. 03, 2020].
  • Srijoni successfully defended her PhD thesis. Hearty Congratulations! [July. 08, 2020].
  • Soumendu successfully defended his PhD thesis. Hearty Congratulations! [May. 04, 2020].